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For the Win and Follow Me

>> Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I don't make a habit of watching award shows. Must be an almost violent aversion to commercial breaks that drives me away from the TV, but I will admit to scouring the web and cruising Twitter for the list of winners apres la show.

And the stats out of this week's Golden Globe Awards brought good news.

Brave nabbed the Best Animated Film Award! Yeehaw! Cheers! Atta boy, Angus! (That's the horse, people.)

And as if that wasn't enough for my Scottish-loving heart, my fav Brit television show EVER saw some representation at the L.A. award show. Beautiful Dame Maggie Smith (aka Professor Minerva McGonagall) won Best Supporting Actress in a TV Miniseries for her brilliant performance as Violet Crawley in... you guessed it... Downton Abbey. The show is worth watching for Violet`s one liners alone, nevermind the romances and stunning film style of it all.

And to cap off a golden weekend, Adele stepped up to the podium for the Best Original Song in a Motion Picture at the awards, capturing the Golden Globe for her haunting song Skyfall from the 2012 Bond epic of the same name.

An all around good night for my imaginary team of celts and Brits. Let`s celebrate with chocolate!

Do you watch award shows? And if so, do you have a fantasy line up of winners that have captured your heart and fanaticism?

Brave was a shoe-in for me this year. Come on, how could the other films compete with that scenery? Despite the discussion of omissions and coulda shouldas, this Pixar film continues to make my heart warm after multiple viewings. And now my daughter has the merchandise and the kick-butt soundtrack inspires my own writing.


Besides cheering for Merida and Eleanor, I've also been guest posting at Jewels of Encouragement this week, talking about the gift of grace. Follow me through the world wide web for a quick devo on this easy-to-say-yet-harder-to-do topic.

Have a wonderful day, peeps. SlĂ inte mhor!


Kathy Pettit January 15, 2013 at 3:35 PM  

You are awesome! Almost as awesome as Downton Abbey - almost. I have had the privilege of seeing all of season except for the Christmas finale - and loved it! Sad and happy, happy and sad - wrapped in a glamorous package of stone and flesh-no one does period pieces like the Brits! Yay for Brave. My new fave princess...her spunk reminds me of a red-headed friend I had growing up...stubborness and all ;D

Karlene Jacobsen January 2, 2014 at 4:39 PM  

I still need to see Downton Abbey. Slow, I know. As for my favorites? Um. Well. I can't name just one or two.

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