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Medieval Fiction With a Modern Twist

>> Friday, October 26, 2012

We're traveling back in time on this particular Thistle Book Trailer Friday. WAY back to medieval England, complete with traitorous knights, wily kings and mysterious characters moving through the dark streets of London.

You're about to meet Crispin Guest, a knight who finds himself fallen from grace but unable to turn from his true spirit. So he sets out to follow the chivalric code in his own way...

Jeri Westerson's historical fiction, including Veil of Lies, Serpent in the Thorns, the Demon's Parchment, Troubled Bones and Blood Lance, follows Crispin's adventures as a sleuth, investigator and dark hero. Looks like pure fun. A bit off my beaten path of historical romances, these novels caught my eye right away. Sam Spade-type fiction set in medieval England? Colour me intrigued.

Check out the series' trailer.

Recommended by one of my favourite authors, Sharon Kay Penman, these novels are definitely on my TBR list. What do you think? Can't you just picture curling up with a hot coffee and Crispin Guest on a crisp autumn evening?

Do you ever move out of your favourite genre when a cover, author or book trailer tickles your fancy? What treasures have you discovered off your own beaten path?

Still Loving Historicals,


Kathy Pettit November 6, 2012 at 3:18 PM  

Hmmph....I find it challenging to change genres easily. People try to recommend books that I consider "girly" I get my back up and make every excuse I can come up with on the fly as to why I can't read it...but sometimes they just don't let up. So I read it...and occasionally they are right. These is My Words is a prime example...I really liked it and it was out of the norm. Plus...ahem...you were so right and I should have listened to you about The Outlander years ago. I waited SO LONG to meet Jamie Fraser, why oh why?!

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