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For the Win and Follow Me

>> Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I don't make a habit of watching award shows. Must be an almost violent aversion to commercial breaks that drives me away from the TV, but I will admit to scouring the web and cruising Twitter for the list of winners apres la show.

And the stats out of this week's Golden Globe Awards brought good news.

Brave nabbed the Best Animated Film Award! Yeehaw! Cheers! Atta boy, Angus! (That's the horse, people.)

And as if that wasn't enough for my Scottish-loving heart, my fav Brit television show EVER saw some representation at the L.A. award show. Beautiful Dame Maggie Smith (aka Professor Minerva McGonagall) won Best Supporting Actress in a TV Miniseries for her brilliant performance as Violet Crawley in... you guessed it... Downton Abbey. The show is worth watching for Violet`s one liners alone, nevermind the romances and stunning film style of it all.

And to cap off a golden weekend, Adele stepped up to the podium for the Best Original Song in a Motion Picture at the awards, capturing the Golden Globe for her haunting song Skyfall from the 2012 Bond epic of the same name.

An all around good night for my imaginary team of celts and Brits. Let`s celebrate with chocolate!

Do you watch award shows? And if so, do you have a fantasy line up of winners that have captured your heart and fanaticism?

Brave was a shoe-in for me this year. Come on, how could the other films compete with that scenery? Despite the discussion of omissions and coulda shouldas, this Pixar film continues to make my heart warm after multiple viewings. And now my daughter has the merchandise and the kick-butt soundtrack inspires my own writing.


Besides cheering for Merida and Eleanor, I've also been guest posting at Jewels of Encouragement this week, talking about the gift of grace. Follow me through the world wide web for a quick devo on this easy-to-say-yet-harder-to-do topic.

Have a wonderful day, peeps. SlĂ inte mhor!


We Have a Winner!

>> Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm a wee bit behind in announcing it, but we have a winner! One lucky commenter (or is it commentee?) on the November 16th Book Trailer post will receive a FREE COPY of Highland Hearts, by Eva Maria Hamilton.

Drum roll, please.............

The winner is KATHY PETTIT!

Look for your copy of Highland Hearts (complete with a bag of candy hearts thrown in) at your doorstep soon. xoxo

Thanks to all for entering, and for checking out the book trailer.



Time Travel Romance and Your Last Chance to Win

>> Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to our American friends! Hope you gave your family a few squeezes and your turkey a few nibbles.

Now it's time for another Thistle Book Trailer Friday! Guaranteed to be calorie-free and just as tasty as your fav pumpkin spice latte.

This week's discovery made me shiver with anticipation. I'm a sucker for time travel romance, you see, and stumbled upon this series of YA romance novels by Lisa T. Bergren through Goodreads (yay for my latest social-media-time-suck!)

Waterfall is the first novel in the River of Time series and features a modern teen traveling in Tuscany (pause for sighs) with her archeologist parents. While meandering through an ancient tomb, Gabi places her hand on an ancient handprint and finds herself thrust into a world of knights and castles.

Did I just say knights with a "K?" Yah huh. Check out the trailer.

I'm super pumped to read this series, which feeds my fascination for a sharp YA story and my love for solid historical romance. Italy! Knights! A feisty modern heroine! I'm totally hooked.

Last Chance to Enter

Today is also your last chance to enter the draw for a FREE COPY of Highland Hearts by Eva Maria Hamilton. Last week's TBTD featured this Love Inspired romance and one lucky commenter (on the blog or my Facebook page) will receive a free copy, all wrapped with a Christmas bow.

Go back and comment, peeps. And don't forget to let me know what you think of the Waterfall trailer.

Still Swinging by Imaginary Sword,


A Warrior Butterfly and the Wave of Jesus in Wilmot

>> Monday, November 19, 2012

Last May our small community was rocked by a traffic accident. Grade seven student Lydia Herrle was hit by a recycling truck while coming off the school bus on a Thursday afternoon.

Phone calls spread like wildfire, as news of this tragedy hit to the very heart of our township. Popular and vibrant, Lydia was well-loved and well known. Her family ran a busy farm fresh grocery store on the outskirts of St Agatha. The cry of shock and pain spread through the church community, neighbourhood schools and into each town and hamlet that dots our local map.

Lydia was in terrible shape. News was scarce, and what little was filtering through the media was not good. Terror and fear gripped hearts.

But Jesus was there. He was with Lydia, her family and friends. And His incredible presence and power has been made real to an entire population through the amazing story of Lydia's recovery.

Thousands have followed the family's journey through the Herrle blog at prayforlydia2012.blogspot.ca--please read this when you have time and a big box of tissue.

Thousands more have hung bright green ribbons out on lamp posts, trees, mail boxes and any other vertical structure, declaring their commitment to Pray for Lydia. Fundraisers have brought together students and seniors, uniting people of varying denominations and lifestyles. I'm not ashamed to admit that the very thought still leaves me in tears today.

Best of all? Lydia herself is speaking out boldly about her love for Jesus and the faith this accident has birthed. Check out this video and wonder at this Warrior Butterfly and her Amazing Saviour.

I'm having a hard time keeping my emotions in check, so I'll sign off.

Praise the Lord for Lydia's recovery. And Praise the Lord for making Himself known in our community, for uniting His people and drawing our eyes toward Him.

Atta girl, Lydia. You'll ever be a hero of the faith in my eyes.

With Green Ribbon Waving,


A Brave New DVD and Highland Hearts

>> Friday, November 16, 2012

It's been an uber exciting week in our household, with a major milestone birthday (Happy 4-Oh, dearie!) and all of the hoopla that goes along with it. Cake! Balloons! Lawn decorations! Embarrassing baby pictures!

Oh, and a family party at our place in a few days. Did I mention that cleaning house and cooking for a crowd often triggers a rash? Huh. Should have thought that one through...

But I figure that sharing a new book trailer with you is more important than dusting and dishes. You agree? Of course you do.

So without further ado, I give you the book trailer for a Scottish love story I recently stumbled across. Eva Maria Hamilton's Highland Hearts is part of the Love Inspired Historical line and features a dashing Highlander and his lady love post-Culloden. Sigh.

Check out the trailer.

Talk about scenery! And a great story full of tension and torn hearts. Double sigh.

I'm in the middle of reading Highland Hearts right now, so I don't know how it ends. (Sheena! Wake up, girl!) But in honour of my hubby's big birthday, I would like to give away a copy of Highland Hearts to one lucky reader. Do you want to get lost in a Scottish love story over the holidays? Would this novel fill a loved one's stocking perfectly?

Just leave a comment below before next Friday, November 23. A winner will be randomly chosen from the entrants and a brand new copy of Highland Hearts by Eva Maria Hamilton dashed off in the post.

How's that for easy? Share the love of Scotland, I always say.

And speaking of love for that glorious land... my wonderful boy brought home a new DVD that released on Tuesday.

A gang of excited fans
You guessed it. Disney/Pixar's Brave now holds a place of honour on our DVD shelf. Break out the shortbread and toss a dollop of whiskey in your coffee--it's movie night. (K, just kidding about the whiskey, I would likely be asleep before the opening credits.)

Don't forget to leave a comment before midnight on Friday, November 23 with your name and email addy. I'll contact the winner next weekend.

Ever Admiring Merida's Locks,


Medieval Fiction With a Modern Twist

>> Friday, October 26, 2012

We're traveling back in time on this particular Thistle Book Trailer Friday. WAY back to medieval England, complete with traitorous knights, wily kings and mysterious characters moving through the dark streets of London.

You're about to meet Crispin Guest, a knight who finds himself fallen from grace but unable to turn from his true spirit. So he sets out to follow the chivalric code in his own way...

Jeri Westerson's historical fiction, including Veil of Lies, Serpent in the Thorns, the Demon's Parchment, Troubled Bones and Blood Lance, follows Crispin's adventures as a sleuth, investigator and dark hero. Looks like pure fun. A bit off my beaten path of historical romances, these novels caught my eye right away. Sam Spade-type fiction set in medieval England? Colour me intrigued.

Check out the series' trailer.

Recommended by one of my favourite authors, Sharon Kay Penman, these novels are definitely on my TBR list. What do you think? Can't you just picture curling up with a hot coffee and Crispin Guest on a crisp autumn evening?

Do you ever move out of your favourite genre when a cover, author or book trailer tickles your fancy? What treasures have you discovered off your own beaten path?

Still Loving Historicals,


Follow the Footprints to Jewels

>> Monday, October 15, 2012

Where have I been?

Buried in various projects and wading through the mud puddles of life, that's where. But I plan to pop back into blogging this week, with another fantastic book trailer on Friday and that long-promised extension to our "happy endings or not?" discussion.

For now, come for a visit at Jewels of Encouragement and listen to a conversation between my daughter and I. That little chicka has some amazing insights, along with an irresistible giggle.

Let's meet for a pumpkin spice coffee later this week. It's been too long...

Inhaling the Coffee Aroma,


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